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Before you read this website, you should ask yourself a serious question. Could I unknowingly possess a strong medical risk from my oral bacteria infecting and entering my vascular system? There are many diseases for concern but persons at the greatest risk for complications or loss from infections are those diagnosed with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular or orthopedic implants and pregnancy complications.

OralBiofilm Test provides a complete oral bacterial analysis of the mouth that has never before been possible with previous methods or technology. Why is this now so important? Medical research has connected serious medical risks to active oral inflammatory disease. What lives in the mouth enters into the vascular system 24/7 to influence multiple Medical Diseases.

The OralBiofilm Test is a diagnostic Gold Standard to accurately determine if one is a Carrier of any hidden dental infections known to affect medical disease, complicate medical treatment or reduce personal health and wellness. The test is both the least expensive and most complete method available to provide this critical bacterial information. The cost is $249.

Currently we are the only source in Houston to use this exclusive medical PCR bacterial DNA test using 16S rRNA sequencing technology, which identifies not just some, but all species of bacteria present in the mouth including yeast and fungi. This simple test is taken from a saliva sample from the mouth. Our office was part of the original research project and we “value add” our basic test by adding a Florida Probe analysis as part of our examination to provide the most comprehensive research assessment possible. We call this the Ultimate Dental Test.

SO IMPORTANT: Please read the information found at www.oshnewsnetwork.com and sign up for their e-mail newsletter to stay current with all the new research. This website is “readable” and absolutely the best for understanding the medical risks from having a pathologic oral infection. There is no better resource to help you add more quality time to your health and wellness.

Bradley R. Wilson, DDS, MSD